Agreed Upon Proposals

Date Proposal Status
11/12/11 Meet at UU church until Spring semester, then try Student Union when Spring semester is in session without Holidays schedule affecting availability
Have meetings mid-week on campus, meanwhile keep meeting on Saturdays at UU church
GA meeting Saturday, Nov 19th, at UU church 2-5pm, but no meeting on Saturday, Nov 26th due to Thanksgiving. PASSED
Attend open town meeting by Speaker of House NC at Broyhill at 5pm
Have a laptop and projector at each GA Meeting. PASSED
Create Wish List items, and provide to Communications group, then Communications group will send out to others. PASSED
treasurer and bank account not required until actual monetary donations are coming in.
Trace agreed to contact previous web-hosting company to ask for free url and hosting. If not given for free, Trace agreed to pay for it and ask for donations from group to recover costs.
To have a demonstration on Black Friday to get people to shop local on “Green Friday” 11.25
Form a working group for organizing ‘Green Friday’ to focus efforts against corporate Black Friday and promote Local Green Friday shopping. PASSED
Update WordPress site to include both a Future Proposals tab and an Agreed Upon Proposals tab PASSED
Form a general strike and team up with Rainbow Family for future gatherings in National Parks once or twice a year to tie in leaderless and sustainable movement that has been exhibited by Rainbow Family for years.
Show films about banking system at banks.
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