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General Assembly Minutes 11.12.11

 General Assembly 


Assembly Schedule:

  1 Moderator introduction

  2 Review of progressive stack

  3 Review of hand signals

  4 Review of modified consensus

  5 Working groups

  6 Proposals

  7 Open discussion


17 in attendance

booneuuoffice@gmail.com to contact uu church (different hosts from uu each week).


– Introductions by individuals in attendance


– Explanation by moderator (keith) of 1-7 above


– Principles of solidarity working group

            – They reviewed St. Paul’s Principles and other similar available documents online and modified it to better suit our area/group.

            – Document was read to the GA, and is posted on the forum for review to be proposed and voted on at the next meeting.

            – www.smf4free.com/forums/occupyboone/index.php is the link to the forum

            – Suggested someone bring a computer and projector in order to project larger image and/or document to the whole group.


– Communications working group

            – Need Treasurer and donations to pay for and setup an actual website, or someone that may be willing to offer a site for free.

– Suggestion to populate a contacts list available to Communications group

            – Suggestion to email everyone providing email address and mass email so everyone can communicate

– Slow or no response from posts in website or forum in connecting with Communications to clarify and finalize date of next GA for getting it published in newspapers.

            – Individuals have been extremely busy


– Logistics working group

            – Advantages and disadvantages of location of GA meetings (Crossroads in ASU student union, UU church, county library is often taken)

            – Proposal of meeting weekly versus every other week, and where

            – Suggestion to have meeting at Ag center, some may not want to be on campus

            – Crossroads suggested so as to include students

            – In past, other groups never found a perfect place that is perfect for everyone

            – Suggested to try out Crossroads to see what turnout shows up

            – Proposal to meet at UU church until Spring semester, than try Student Union when Spring semester is in session without Holidays schedule affecting availability

            – Meeting on campus (info session) was attended by 120+ last Wednesday 11.9

            – Proposal to have meetings mid-week on campus, meanwhile keep meeting on Saturdays at UU church

            – Proposal to have next GA meeting Saturday, Nov 19th, at UU church 2-5pm, but no meeting on Saturday, Nov 26th due to Thanksgiving. CONCENSUS REACHED.



– Proposal to attend open town meeting by Speaker of House NC at Broyhill at 5pm

            – Left up to individuals to attend rather than by the Occupy group

Proposal to bring projector. Robert agreed to bring his each time he comes to the meeting or he will pass off to someone if he will not attend. Trace will bring laptop each time as well. CONCENSUS REACHED.

Proposal to create Wish List items, provide to Communications group, and Communications group will send out to others. CONCENSUS REACHED.

– Treasurer and bank account not required until actual monetary donations are coming in.

– Trace agreed to contact previous web-hosting company to ask for free url and hosting. If not given for free, Trace agreed to pay for it and ask for donations from group to recover costs.

– Proposal to demonstrate on Black Friday to get people to shop local on “Green Friday” 11.25

Proposal to form working group for organizing ‘Green Friday’ to focus efforts against corporate Black Friday and promote Local Green Friday shopping. CONCENSUS REACHED.

             – Linda, Keith, Lindsey, Amiris, Trace

            – Will meet 11.13 at 3pm at Espresso News

Proposal for WordPress site to include both a Future Proposals tab and an Agreed Upon Proposals tab. CONCENSUS REACHED.

– Proposal to form a general strike and team up with Rainbow Family for future gatherings in National Parks once or twice a year to tie in leaderless and sustainable movement that has been exhibited by Rainbow Family for years.

            – Robert & Julia thinking of planning big weekend in Spring season featuring bands and other events in location of LEAF festival

            – Should not require renting of space when National Park is available

– Proposal to show films about banking system at banks and sponsored by banks

– InclusiveHealth website for anyone to enroll in high-risk pre-existing medical care is saving people in NC a lot of money, part of Obama-care healthy system in place

– Direct Actions should be shared with local newspapers further in advance to give the press time to cover the story, often the stories are short since they come in too close to deadline

– Public Service Announcement to radio’s, letters to the editor, Communications group to provide contact information of media outlets

– WATA radio station has Watauga Talks 1-hour program on Friday mornings.

– November 17th, National Day of Action

– Suggestion to create Outreach working group to create stickers, fliers, pamphlets, etc.

– Suggestion of proposal to get sponsored by local business, an example: Bald Guy brew



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