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Occupy Boone – One Love Gathering November 5, 2011


  • Robert/Julia Roskind – Intercultural events, One Love events, Hopi/Maya elders, Occupy involvement, Look at past but move into the future.
  • Elizabeth – Longtime resident/activist/organizer, Facilitator, Trainer of nonviolent/anti-oppression groups
  • Justin Hall – Stacker
  • Trace Moon – Minutes
  • 35-40 people in attendance

Schedule of Meeting as displayed below:

Format of Meeting

  • Explanation and overview of proposals/concerns, hand-motions, step-asides, consensus, blocking, Q&A

Reports from previous meetings

  • Nov 2nd event on campus – in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, confronted Republican Student group (1%ers).
  • Nov 4th event downtown – demonstration of about 10 in front of Jones House, public awareness with signs/rally, someone from general public argued and loudly confronted an Occupy person dressed in military uniform.


1)  Outreach

  • Move weekly rally to more visible area (321/105 Wells Fargo). Parking in McDonald’s or Wendy’s/Bojangles
  • Consolidate outreach communication with ASU, FB, and community.
  • Main page Occupy Boone (1000+ members) as starting point and main FB page, eventually eliminate other smaller FB group page (approx. 95 members)
  • Also a WordPress, a non-FB discussion forum, and an Appalachian internet group
  • OccupyBoone/Wordpress.org is the current website for all information/events
  • Create poster to display at all meetings/rally about communication information
  • Satellite pages okay, but one main FB page is all that is needed
  • WordPress page is linking satellite pages/groups information
  • Need donations to pay for actual domain occupyboone.org
  • High Country General Assembly for tri-counties (Watauga, Ashe, Avery)
  • People who actually show up make decisions
  • Website cost, registration $10, maintain for one year $52 (Trace Moon paid these amounts for her websites through Charlottezweb.com)
  • Group FB page has documents availability, Community FB page for people to like but no documents/notes can be made
  • Post WordPress link on main page to move everyone from 1000+ page to WordPress
  • Concern over person “Occupy Boone” who has not revealed themselves
  • Explanation of WordPress, people can post, also has information/events/meeting notes
  • Able to moderate and prevent Trolls? Yes
  • PROPOSAL:  Use 1000+ page as main page, WordPress as main non-FB page.
  • Clarification of what the individual “occupy boone” has control of, can they be communicated/coordinated with? Yes
  • PROPOSAL:  1000+ FB page is official FB page, and “OccupyBoone.Wordpress.org” (setup by Bre) is official non-FB page , volunteer Communications working group created to coordinate between FB (Trace Moon) and WordPress (Bre). APPROVED BY CONSENSUS
  • St. Paul principles discussed/explained by Zach
  • PROPOSAL:  to adopt these principles.
  • PROPOSAL:  to have more time to think/read up on St. Paul principles and adopt principles of MLK later, not need yet
  • PROPOSAL:  to refrain from personal attacks on FB page and wordpress page
  • PROPOSAL:  to create working group to come up with ideals of solidarity to be discussed at next GA meeting (Saturday, Nov. 12th, 2pm at UU Church)
  • No Consensus reached on the proposals of principles

2)  Scheduling

  • PROPOSAL:  Action every Friday 4-6pm at Wells Fargo intersection, General Assembly every Saturday 2-5pm at either UU Church or place-to-be-announced depending on availability, Logistics working group created. APPROVED BY CONSENSUS.
  • EVENT:  Dec. 10 event at Crossroads/ASU, pending approval through ASU, appointment scheduled for 11/8 and 11am. Trace Moon and Robert Roskind will attend appointment.

Working Groups


  • Communication group (FB/Wordpress/Media coordination) – Bre, Trace, Amiris, Barbara, Katie
  • Facilitation group – Keith, Elizabeth, Justin, Patrick
  • Logistics group – Samantha, Robert
  • Principles of Solidarity group – Barbara, Steve, Donna, Robert, Erin, Paula, Linda, Steven
  • Direct Action group – Tim, Christina, Jamie, Patrick, Keith, Robert


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  1. Ruth
    November 7, 2011 at 2:39 am

    Communication group includes Ruth, Pat and Stuart in addition to those listed in the minutes. Katie and Barbara did not participate in the discussion Saturday.
    I took notes at the communication small group discussion and would like to distribute them to the other members for their approval and/or correction. Will the names and e-mail addresses of those who signed onto the list that was passed at the general assembly be posted? If so where? If not, how can we get in touch with one another.

    • November 11, 2011 at 3:02 am

      Ruth give me your email address. Do you happen to know pat and stuart’s last names? Maybe there e-mail is on the big list, or if you know it, can you get them to me? I’m trying to populate an e-mail list for communications group. Thank you so much.

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