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Occupy Boone NC: 2nd Meeting, October 12th 2011

Introductions/ Ice Breakers – Ideas for promoting discussion

Duties for Meeting:

Time Keeper – Steve

Stack – Justin

Facilitation – Amiris

Notes – Jason

Vibe Checker – Erin


List Ideas

Have Discussion

Formulate Proposals

State Proposals


State Reservations/Concerns

Reformulate Proposals (Synthesis)



Committee Reports

For decision making as a group we decided to use thumb signals

Thumb up for total agreement

Thumb down for total disagreement

Thumb sideways or fingers shaking for reservations/concerns

Advertising Committee – whats been done to spread awareness

Flyers spread over Boone, Expressions and The Revolution (Hookah) pledge support

Spray painted tunnels with Black/White “Occupy Boone” with time/date/place for today’s meeting

Word of mouth

Ideas to further Advertising:


More Handouts, Informational

Outreach/Networking Committee: – more members needed

Communication through Facebook

Website committee that keeps up with content moderation

Look to local food/businesses for support through the “High Country Local First” organization

Work with our local school boards for support

Concerns here:

Facebook is all monitored

Posts and updates from admin (Occupy Boone profile) must be civil, inclusive, informatively neutral.  Avoid comments that exclude or target anyone including law enforcement figures, this is a movement of everyone

Discussion points:

Should we leave social media untouched?  It falls to individual efforts to moderate themselves

Discussion of the fine lines between moderation and censorship

A look at the face of internet anonymity, and how to address violent inflammatory and targeted attacks in discussion

Comparison of other websites within NC and how they moderate – Asheville vs. Durham, etc

Settle on one group on Facebook to promote solidarity (avoid ambiguity), and keep this group Open

Address toleration of inflammatory statements:

Warning statements for such statements and consequences

Agreement to a set of rules that promote healthy discussion prior to gaining the ability to make posts.

Designed to keep discussion away from statements of anger, fear, and attacks of character.

Retain the right to delete statements, but only in the case of the extreme

Prepare a code of conduct or mission statement for use in replying to inflammatory or attacking posts and replies

Discussion spreads the message and solidifies it, social media is a powerful tool, more admins are needed for website/Facebook group

Mission Statement (Ideas):

Ending corporate influence in our politics, government and public policy.

Continue the 235 year work in progress of a government of the people, by the people, for the people

Separation of corporation and state

Problems stem directly from corporate money in politics.

Find the root causes of our discontent, understand them, and promote awareness

Treasurer Needed:

Tracy offered to open an account at SECU (State Employee’s Credit Union) for this, only personal accounts are allowed, but joint ownership is allowed

High Country Bank – very locally focused, positive feedback about this branch

Trace M. and Katie C. are going to coordinate to open a join checking account with SECU and be co-treasurers so there is transparency and accountability.

Other noted points/comments during meeting:

How the Charlotte movement is going, happening next to Federal Reserve, gaining exponential support

Corporate Fascism is running rampant

Move away from a system based on fear and more towards a system based on love

This movement is a process and it will not occur overnight.

Is there any anger that is not self righteous?

Take a look at how anger is repressed in our society.

Find methods to transcend anger and reason with those who resort to anger

We should focus our intentions and energy towards the message and actively participate in the movement.  Engage.

Mention of a planned sit in at Belk Library for overnight hour cuts, do the hour cuts save university jobs?  Are the late hours necessary?

Review the documentation about our library incident with law enforcement, read letter revisal and decide if satisfactory

Schedule workshops on facilitation to promote multiple facilitators, rotating facilitators for meetings

Use Todd’s Community Calendar for local event scheduling

Shop local/handmade for Christmas

Proposals for Future Meetings:

Pick a constant date/time/place for meetings to promote involvement

Start a twitter account

Saturday meetings would conflict with game days, avoid to promote student involvement and avoid tailgating events

Locations for Meetings: – (Reminded that Winter is coming)

Sidewalks along King Street – as long as we do not disrupt traffic, vehicular and pedestrian

Sanford Mall

Duck Pond Field

Jones House

Agricultural Extension Office – Convention style rooms on West King Street

Local Watauga County Library Room reservations

Next Meetings: (tentative)

October 15th, Saturday, 1pm – downtown King Street, coordinate with time of OWS March, bring signs.

October 21st, Friday, 4pm – Jones House lawn, tentatively our general weekly meeting will be 4pm every Friday at Jones House.

November 5th, Saturday, 2pm until after midnight – Unitarian Church, potluck and live music to follow!

Disclaimer: These notes have not been written together. If anyone want’s to volunteer to help merge these notes together.

Occupy Boone NC: 2nd Meeting, October 12th 2011 (Daft: version 1)

::: Meeting Began at 1:05pm :::


* Declaration of the Occupation of New York City


* Introductions:

  • Name, and why you got involved with the Occupy Movement

* Meting Volunteers

  • Time Keeper – Steve
  • take stack – ( ? need name from Note Taker ? )
  • volunteers for Facilitating – Amiris
  • Note taker(s) – ( ? need name from Note Taker, yes I know that’s ironic ? )
  • Vibe checker(s) – Justin

* Process of Decision Making (nontechnical brief):

Explained the Decision Making Process of Consensus without jargon. Points included the bulleted points bellow.

  • List Ideas for Discussion
  • Have Discussion
  • Make Proposal(s)
  • State Reservations/Concerns
  • Synthesis Proposals to best Accommodate all
  • Make Decision
  • Hand Signals was suggested during the last meeting, to better facilitate the determining of measuring Consensus

( example: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Consensus_decision-making#Hand_signals )

Proposal 1:

  • Use fist and up to 5 fingers

Proposal 2:

  • Use the thumb method, with the side signal to express reservations/concerns

Consensus was reached to use the thumbs up, side, and thumbs down method.


* Committees Report Back

  • Advertisement Committee:

* Created and distributed information & advertisments * Utilize:



Social Media

Word of Mouth

  • Outreach/Networking Committee

* No Report


  • Outreach/Networking Committee

* Suggested Ideas:

– Signage for businesses that promote shopping within the Local Economy

– Contact local businesses, and suggest they prominately advertise that they are local

– Contact Green Mother Goods (for hooking up with a local business, maybe local businesses could give us donations as well, was a suggestion made during the meeting)

– Contact High Country Press

  • Answer Committee

Example of problem that was suggested to be addressed:

* There should be a group that is able to answer emails and reply back to them, same goes for Facebook private messages. Specifically important emails, outreach replies, and educational dialog. Then also we need people who can be questioned regards to any Press Releases sent out in-conjuction with the Outreach/Networking Committee.

* Proposal:

Formulate a group interested in taking care of inquiry comunications about the group and its latest happenings.

Consensus was reached to have an Answer Committee.

  • Web Committee

* Website

* Social Media

* There should be more than one Admin for the Website and the Forum linked to the Website, moderating.

* There needs to be a group that runs the technical backend of the website

* There needs to be a group that is in charge of putting up the requested content that has been decided upon onto the website

* Proposal:

Formulate a group interested in taking care of the Web Development, Adminstation, Moderation, and content for the website and other online resources, such as a blog.

Consensus was reached to have a Website Committee.

* There should be a committee to coordinate the various Social Media connections.

– example: Twitter & Facebook

* Proposal:

Formulate a group to set-up, support, and run Social Media efforts.

* Proposal:

We should not have a Social Media Committee because that can be taken care of through individual efforts by people who step-up.

Consensus was reached to NOT have a Social Media Committee.

* Facebook Community:

– Concerns:

  • General Conduct

Specific Example was a thread that happened on the Occupy Asheville NC Facebook page, particularly an incite to violence.

Other examples were people not constructively discussing things, having a mean-spirited attitude that was non-inviting and non-inclusive

  • Conduct of Admin (while using the Avatar “Occupy Boone”)

Under the “Occupy Boone” Avatar certaint comments were made regarding their personal opinoin about Law Enforcement. This can be seen as a group opinoin due to the simple fact that it is posted under the title of “Occupy Boone” within the comment thread(s).

* Proposal:

Regarding individual postings by various users, if those comments violate a certain Code of Conduct then they should be talked to about it. Occupy Boone should have a copy-and-paste ready statement to show that we are not condoning their activity, but will not further exert our efforts into incident-specific reply comments.

Consensus was reached to pass this proposal.

* Proposal:

Formulate an articulate a “Banner Mission” (Code of Conduct) so that such guidlines can be used to enforce Moderator activity, such as incitment to violence, trolling, and spam. So that it becomes justified to delete if a thread becomes extream and/or out-of-hand on and on trolling or spamming nonsense (in order to avoid what happened on the Occupy Asheville NC Facebook). This would apply to the Website, Forum, Facebook, and any other Social Media such as Twitter.

Consensus was reached to pass this proposal.

* Proposal

Who ever posts and/or comments as “Occupy Boone” should have a higher level of expected conduct. When posting as “Occupy Boone”, the administrator should not use devicive language of any kind, should not state personal opinoins, and should be coorprative in that they are willing to work-together with folks. For example, any comments regarding police should be informational, not opinoin based.

Consensus was reached to pass this proposal.

* Mission Statement?

Further Brainstorming Ideas (adding-on to last Brainstorming Session):

  • Ending Corprate Influence in Public Policy, Domestic & Forign Policy.
  • Seporation of Corprate & State
  • Identify and articulate the root causes of our discontent
  • Acknowledge that Democracy for and by The People is 230-something-ish (forget exact number that was given in-meeting) year process that has not been compleated yet and is ongoing.
  • Free cookies

* Treasurers? <– plural!

* Proposal:

We need two to three Treasurers so that we can begin setting up an account to recieve donations, keep track of our fundning, and keep us on budget.

Consensus was reached to have a Treasurer(s).


* “Draft of Civil Liberties Violation: Request of Support” Letter to various organizations

* Proposal:

Go ahead and send the letter out to various organizations.

* Proposal:

A good portion of our group just left, we might consider needing a Quorum on this before passing the proposal to send out the letter publicly.

* Proposal:

Do not send the letter out yet, and revise it some more.

(note: suggested organization to also contact was, Fire.org)

Consensus was reached to hold-off on sending the letter out at this time. Instead we should make further revisions to the letter.

* Facilitation:

* Proposal:

Have a Facilitator Workshop so that more people feel comfortable volenteering to Facilitate.

Consensus was reached to pass this proposal.

* Add items to Agenda:

Statements of ideas

  • For future things, like the upcoming 4pm March we should have more combined events. Like the One Love Festivial etc. So that it can draw more people in.
  • Learn about the defined lawful “public space” that we can use for various events (such as protests).

* Sidewalks

* Duck Pond

* Sandford Mall

* Next Occupy meeting and/or Occupation:

  • Location: “Jones House”
  • Date: October 21st (Friday)
  • Time: 4:00pm EST


Set Fridays at 4:00pm EST at the Jones House as our regularly weekly schedualed meeting.

Consensus was reached to pass this proposal.


  • March at 4pm
  • Novemember 5th is Bank Transfer Day

Close your Bank Accounts and reopen up a Checking/Savings in a Credit Union instead.

It costs $25 to open up an account at the State Employee Credit Union

There is also High Country Credit Union for people not eledgable to use the State Employee Credit Unoin

Ran out of time for these Agenda items (can be brought up at next meeting):

* Facilitation of “Agenda” tasks

Instead of the Facilitator formulating the Agenda from past meeting Notes and adding-on specific focuses, how about the group make the Agenda for each meeting via the online methods prior to the meeting?

* Further define purpose of various Committees.

For example see: (field manual http://occupytogether.wikispot.org/ )

::: Meeting Ended at 3:08pm :::

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