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OCCUPY BOONE 10/8/11 Brainstorming

These are the points of interest I recorded during our brainstorming sessions, I apologize for not better organizing them, but this is pretty much chronological order..


Education paid in full as long as students attend.

Incarceration without rehabilitation and lack of educational opportunities within the prison system.

Remove mandatory sentences. Give mercy warnings.

Remove the profit side of the prison system, turn it from a business into an actual rehabilitation program

Community Colleges offer programs that lead to practical, marketable employment.

Have a joint effort on boycotting local multinational corporations until healthcare is supplied to their workers.

Pension plans are not sustainable, put future generations in debt

These plans depend on unsustainable infinite growth, benefit only the elite in many cases

Stop government pension plans from investing in Wall Str.

Diminish economic barriers

Address teachers wages/salaries

Allow unions for teachers in NC

Find a way to turn teaching into a high paying competitive career, like Norway’s system

Paid vacations for workers, increase or implement

On avg European workers get more than double paid vacation time

EMT, Firefighter, Police, etc. living and working under terrible conditions – address this issue

Having a website with side by side comparisons of our country with other countries on social, economic, and governmental systems, policies, etc. would be an amazing tool for helping us brainstorm

Complete re-evaluation of our Government and Economic systems

Get our message out and heard

Reach out to the community with our message

We cannot have a government that is for profit.

Social and Economic Stratification

Government for the people, not for corporations

Campaign finance reform – put a cap on the amount that can be donated to campaign funds.

Widespread civil education on our government and economic issues

Find a way to fight apathy, show people that it can change.

Demand that local multinational corporations leave Boone, allow only local businesses

Economic power currently trumps Political power. Change this

Devise ways to get around the media blackout. Communication.

Maintain our focus as much as possible.

Make tactical approach towards local actions on these issues

Stay away from party lines, the two party system is merely a form of control

Move beyond the superficial dichotomy of the two party system, as it is easily corrupted

Work to continue the efforts to get a government of the people, for the people, by the people

Boil down the views and opinions of our 99% to core values and demands

Make Change happen in the interest of the people

Move towards love based actions and away from those of fear and greed.

Conflict and violence – should this be a part of our movement

Can conflict get our message out?

Are you prepared to be arrested?

Can we bring the police to our side?

Use the five finger agreement system to make better decisions and promote discussion

Four Sectors of involvement:

Out Reach

Economic Issues

Government Structure

Social Stratification

My Group discussion notes:

Corporations should be out of politics.

Free market? how much hand in economics should government have?

Restrictions on lobbying, term limits for senators, more oversight on transfers from government positions to financial and economic positions

Too much power resides in the federal, allocate some of that to the states

Corporations are ruling the world

Our voices aren’t being heard, not in the corporate interest

Lobbyists are basically combining government and global economics, remove or limit lobbyists

Need more money into social programs, students can have the education if they truly want it, attendance based programs.

Better representation needed in government, tax distribution and where does the money go

Inflation falls to lower classes, raising the minimum wage fixes nothing

We practically live in a veiled slave market, global corporations place jobs overseas to diminish our wages and rights as they find “competitive” ways to employ americans.

The current system needs to be melted down and restructured.

The ego of the United States needs to be done away with, we must view the world as our equals

Is China experiencing a better economy or are they simply persecuting their working class better?

Foreign bases are an issue, we have our hand in nearly all countries and areas of the world

Anti monetary dissonance

View the education system as the profit making machine that it is

Occupy Peacock’s office?

Tea Party is a movement that coincides with the media’s agenda, thus it gets coverage over Occupy..

Stage walkouts of classrooms with a message?

Be welcoming about arrest in Occupy sit ins

Address free speech zones on “public” campus

Money from sports events on campus, how are funds allocated

Other group discussion points: (Main ones)

Change Monetary System

Change Social Equality in relation

Democratize Economics, Industry and the Workplace, let the people have ownership of production

End all foreign and imperialistic wars

Realize and recognize that all these issues are held together and we can only understand them by interrelation

Encourage discussion and successful completion of a government in progress

Move from fear based actions and thinking and decisions to love based

Education budget cuts, end the privatization of education and make affordable and available to all

Strengthen our local government to create a sound foundation

Support our local economy, and food

Native American struggles, indigenous movement

Prison reform

Labor rights in general

Ideas for spreading our word/message:

Posters, Flyers, Informational materials as advertisement

At bus stops, etc

Banner with “We Are 99%” signed by participators

Reach out to local businesses for support and joint efforts

Meet in public places where people can see us in discussion/action

King Street square near art displays

Creative minds work on posters, graphic designs to promote movement

Occupy a bus for gameday?

Occupy WalMart parking lot to warn about the effects of global corporations

Meeting places in winter:

Coffee shops, Campus areas- Solarium, Library, etc

Keep the momentum on the movement, get word out

Paint tunnels with a message and place information about our meetings.

Organize into groups/committees for different aspects of advertisement

Homecoming march and demonstration on the 22nd

Find people in all segments of our society, to help with their different skills and connections

Think organizational and in concerted efforts with others around the world

Charlotte is the financial center of the South East, 2nd among cities in the US, has a Federal Reserve

Very relevant place to make our message heard.

Do we want to sensor Facebook or our forum boards in any way?

People have to be kind and loving and understand that this is not just affecting side or certain people, it effects everything about our humanity and its future. Awareness and Empowerment.

Need a universal image that represents our message, not a historical figure..

When you protest, you are Pro Testifying on the issue, so stay on the positive aspects

Think about law enforcement and their counter operations to our movement, let us be clever and aware of the measures they may take. They are surely as desperate for funding as everyone else..

Is “Occupy” too threatening? Would people be more interested in a local slogan, or the “99%”?

Anticipation rather than Fear should be our running feeling

Be Inclusive and Inviting

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